Zf1G (13)

Ribiera Beach! The open sun
Pineapple drinks (without the fun).
The sand was black, the sea reflected
A shade of red was soon detected.
And still too soon I left to run.

Ribiera Beach! All shadows quelled
Still Magical!, it was upheld.
Betwixt my blisters – lucky chance
That even with my dropped pants:
No sizzled skin from knees to belt!

Ribiera Beach! Catching a wave
But Factor Fifty was naïve.
My shoulders, feet, a tad red-faced
A burn was caught while tan was chased.
Who could have thought this to be safe?

Ribiera Beach! Still in my socks:
Each grain of sand for me unlocks
Memories of sitting there together,
High-up horses, woes of weather.
A perfect fit – like Tetris blocks.